Title : Survival Instincts.

A Photographer’s Encounter with Lions and Jackals in Gir National Park


Survival Instincts: A Photographer's Encounter with Lions and Jackals in Gir National Park

This is an incident of Gir National Park where Lions rule. In the evening safari we found the pride coming head on. It was an evening safari and it is been observed that, one pride of lion with Sub-Adults lion have had enjoyed the meal and heading towards the Man-made Water Pond which is arranged for wildlife to quench thirst.


When the lovely pride was walking suddenly jackal was seen behind the pride. Perhaps, jackal was not aware that pride have crossed this path just before him. During this time Sub-adults had some instinct that someone is silently following them. They had activated their senses and they become alert of silent follower.


Still unaware of the trailing lion and unaware of the pack of advancing lion, the jackal was also passing on the same path.. The King of jungle was way behind their siblings. He was unaware about presence of unconscious Jackal. Insensible Jackal came on path and started looking towards the pride who have crossed the Path.


After checking towards the Pride who had left the Path insentient Jackal just felt that still king of the jungle has not crossed the path and he was way behind him to cross the path. As soon as unconscious Jackal look behind, he had seen the death in front of EYE’s, got alert and saved himself from being captured by King of Jungle. Jackal had saved the call of death from the king of jungle. And then king had been stared walking towards the siblings to enjoy the moment.


We stopped there and watched it. They all passed by our gypsy and the road got cleared for us to move on. But, suddenly a jackal came across and it was roaming freely on that same road. It was aware that the pride had passed through the road right before a few minutes. But, I didn’t know somebody is still left and will be coming to it. Completely unaware of the king coming from behind, it was standing in the middle of the route. The male lion kept coming towards it, while Jackal was still unaware. The moment it realised the lion’s presence, in the fraction seconds it turned its tail and ran away like anything.

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