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Karim Kadiwar captures the heart of the wilderness and invites us on a journey of discovery. As a Wildlife Photographer, Karim has a rare gift for telling the stories of the natural world through his lens, and his passion for capturing the beauty of nature is contagious.

Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Karim’s love for the outdoors began at a young age and has only grown stronger with time. It was in his thirties, when he first picked up a digital camera, that he discovered his true calling. Since then, he has dedicated himself to mastering the art of wildlife photography and sharing his vision with the world.

With his trusty Canon gear in hand, Karim has explored some of the most remote and breathtaking landscapes on earth, capturing the beauty of nature in all its forms. Whether it’s the swift movement of a bird in flight or the serene stillness of a mountain landscape, Karim has an eye for capturing moments that take our breath away.

But what sets Karim apart from other photographers is his unrelenting spirit of exploration and his relentless pursuit of the perfect shot. He is not afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of his craft, and it is this adventurous spirit that has earned him recognition both locally and internationally.

For Karim, photography is not just a hobby or a job, but a way of life. He is dedicated to sharing his love for nature and his unique perspective with the world, and his work has inspired countless others to explore the beauty of the world around us. Join Karim on his journey of discovery and let his images transport you to a world of wonder and beauty.

Moreover, receiving an honorary Ph.D. in Wildlife Science from Social Awareness and Peace University in Florida, USA, further solidifies his expertise in his field. This recognition acknowledges his contribution to understanding and advocating for wildlife through his art.

-Karim Kadiwar

Lion Pride Welcomes Sunrise With Ferocious Roars

The Asiatic lion is a Panthera leo leo population surviving today only in India. Since the turn of the 20th century, its range is restricted to Gir National Park and the surrounding areas in the Indian state of Gujarat.

#Rare #Leopard Fun (Devalia Safari) | #Gujarat #Tourism

Are you going to be a leopard or a sheep, a leader or a follower – Beast Mode Watch the incredible moment a leopardess spots two male leopards fighting over. A magnificent display of the leopard’s power! Massive credit to Karim Kadiwar